Our Managed Phone System program, named “Telcom+” is a totally customizable onsite VOIP phone system.

Let’s break that down: 

Totally Customizable – This means that we can design the whole system from the ground up. For instance, the “auto attendant” to the menu that you need or not have one at all. We set custom holiday hours, closed hours and inclement weather messages.  You can customize extensions and choose where the voicemail goes. Want it in your email? No problem.  Pretty much anything you can think of we can implement as part of the setup.

VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol is the process of taking a phone call and making it travel over your network.  It allows for great call quality and gives us a lot of freedom to make your phone system work for you with your existing wiring.

Hosted on site – This is important because it cuts down on “latency”, which is when you talk and it takes a second to get the signal across, this results in communication gaps and call quality issues.  If you have ever been on the phone with someone and there seems to be a delay in you talking and them hearing, this is likely the problem.  Since our system is in your building, you are talking directly to it without leaving your site, many of the VOIP carriers house their servers in other states which means your phone call may have to travel to California and back even if you’re just calling next door.

Whatever the size of your business or your phone needs we can build a system that supports your mission.